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Want to Increase Your Apparel Sales?
Could you use an extra $500-$2,000 profit per night?

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Vendor Program!
• Wholesale Pricing
• Buy In Starts at just $500
• No Minimum Order... EVER!
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Variety is King!
Rethink Everything You Know About
the T-Shirt Game.

We doubled Boyd's Speedway merchandise sales
in 2022! (average $1,500 sales per night)

Top 5 Problems that Kill
Apparel Sales & Profit:

 Lack of Variety in Garment Styles, Sizes & Colors (think Kids & Ladies!)
 Outdated or "Cloned" Designs that look just like every other race shirt
Traditional Screen Printers require you to play the "Bulk Order Guessing Game" which often results in running out of popular sizes & costly overstock in other sizes
No Sense of Urgency for the Customer (same products are available all season)
Lower Average Purchase & Few Repeat Customers (nobody wants five of the same shirt) 

 Our Wholesale Program
Improves or Eliminates Every Issue!

    Wide Variety in Small Quantities
    = Less Risk & More Sales

    Order Just What You Need
    • Quickly Restock or Add New Products with our 7-10 Day US Delivery

    70+ Proven Designs and Slogans
    8 Garment Types in Sizes 6 mos - 5XL
    Up to 27 Garment Colors

    • All of our apparel includes a design or slogan on one side and a logo on the other.  Choose from 9 different Dirt Dog logos & 11 Sleeve Prints (for hoodies and LS tees).  Or, instantly create your own apparel brand with our "Private Label" service.  We replace our logos with yours across our entire product line!

    How it Works:

    Have you ever noticed that your merchandise sales decrease as the season wears on?  That's usually because, with the exception of event shirts, your product offering doesn't change much from the first race.  Most promoters want more variety in their souvenir stand, but have learned that it can get really expensive, really quickly.  We solve that problem with an innovative program that increases your average sale, generates more repeat business and greatly reduces your risk of unsold inventory. 

    It's Simple.  
    More Variety = More Sales
    Cast More Bait to Catch More Fish!

    What if you could get 40-60 each of 2-3 different shirt or hoodie designs in a mix of Infant to 5XL sizes for about the same cost as a typical, 144 piece order of one design? Or, would 20-30 pieces of 5 or 6 designs work better for you? 

    Here's how it works...

    Instead of forcing you to buy a single design in bulk, we allow you to order any quantity of each Dirt Dog design/slogan and easily mix garment sizes & colors, print colors and logos with no additional fees. (Eg. "Shut Up & Race" in a mix of Black tees with white print + Pink tees with black print.)  Purchasing in smaller quantities allows you to offer an ever changing variety of fresh styles throughout the year, which produces several, proven benefits.  Variety attracts more customers and dramatically increases your average sale while small quantities generate more impulse purchases by training the customer to "buy it now" because you might not have it next week.  Regularly refreshing your inventory with new styles and designs will turn your core customers into repeat buyers.  If you follow our recommendations, fans will be running to your souvenir stand each week to see what's new.  You can choose from 70+ designs (with our logos or yours) in multiple garment styles plus we'll be adding more new designs and product categories monthly including; decals, drink-ware, bandanas, flags, buffs & more!  


    Most folks don't have an Eldora size, bank account.  So, we thought it was time someone did something to help all the smaller budget teams, tracks, series and speed shops that keep our sport alive.  Team Dirt Dog is the leading lifestyle brand in dirt track racing and Dirt Dog Gear makes it easier, more profitable and less risk to start or expand your apparel program.  

    Launched in 2009, Team Dirt Dog supports the sport with a unique blend of media, marketing and merchandising services.  Our online store ships to thousands of customers worldwide and proceeds from every sale help us sponsor & promote dozens of Team Dirt Dog racers in four countries.

    Our founder has been in and out of motorsports for over 40 years as a fan, driver, promoter, flagman, announcer, sponsor agent and racing school owner.  We are not some screen printer that suddenly decided to make racing shirts just to turn a buck.  We are racers, who share your passion and have experienced most of the same merchandising problems as you.  We simply got fed up with the expensive and mediocre merchandising options and decided to create a better solution.

    Would More Marketing & Exposure Help You?

    We're looking to forge long term partnerships.  In addition to great merchandise, we offer complete marketing and PR services including graphic design, PR writing, branding and strategic planning.  More importantly, we own powerful, social media properties which reach up to 400K+ dirt fans monthly.  We can use our reach and engagement to promote your events and sponsors.  Ask us how we can help increase your attendance, car counts and more!  

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    2.  Create a Customer Account by clicking HERE or on "Create Account" in the top right corner of this page.  (No Purchase Required ~ Name & email only.  It just allows us to grant you access to Wholesale pricing once we review your application.) 

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